MOJO by jez butterworth

In 2017, Patalog Collective presented its debut theatrical production and the Melbourne premiere of Jez Butterworth’s brutally funny journey through the seedy, amphetamine-fuelled, Rock’n’Roll underbelly of 1950s London. Mojo follows a hapless gang of would-be gangsters, seduced by the promise of fame and fortune, fighting for control of the next big Rock’n’Roll sensation, teenage singer, Silver Johnny.  


At face value, Mojo by Jez Butterworth is simply a fast paced dark comedy; pure entertainment so to speak. However, underneath the dense dialogue and claustrophobic setting, Butterworth’s subtext is laced with homoerotic undertones and subtle critiques of masculinity. Throughout the play, the audience gradually sees through the ensemble's seemingly meaningless banter, and finds themselves presented with a unique exploration into masculinity and the vulnerabilities of brotherhood. Ultimately, as the gang’s circumstances become increasingly dire, their personal façades crumble, leaving all the characters totally exposed. The stereotypical gangster trope ‘damsel in distress’ undergoes a gender inversion as these men grapple with the flaws and fragilities of their feigned manliness. Mojo allowed us to share intimate insights into the complexities of modern masculinity all in very accessible context of a hilarious, albeit arguably terrifying night at the theatre. 

6th - 10th of June, 2017 at The Irene Mitchel Studio, St Martins Arts Centre

Directed and produced by Ben Walter

Designed by Dann Barber

Costumes from Janne Barber

Lighting Design by Caitlyn Staples


Tom Jones as Potts

Mark Yeates as Sweets

Ben Walter as Baby

Vinnie Attanasio as Skinny

David John Watton as Mickey

Sam Hunt as Silver Johnny

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