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Patalog Theatre Co. is a Melbourne / Narrm based Independent Theatre Company launched in 2017 by Artistic Director, Ben Walter. 


Patalog Theatre is committed to presenting unequivocally truthful and challenging work. Through this commitment to truthful story-telling, we hope to energise younger artists and audiences with theatrical expression.


We actively seek out work which provokes audiences and artists alike and stimulates radical thinking, and thoughtful discussion. We are deeply passionate about both being a voice for  younger generations and inviting audiences and creatives to push the boundaries of what they think theatre is capable of both being and doing. Through this we hope to create a more vivid, vibrant and accurate image of the world around us.


As a young company we feel as though there has never been a more appropriate time to confront the unsettling truths of the world. As anxieties around the globe intensify daily, the pressure on the future generations to pick up the pieces and forge onward similarly increases. We hope that the act of play making, and overcoming the associated challenges it presents will continue to reaffirm the importance of theatre in our lives and culture. 


We have been inspired by the example of companies such as Hayloft Project and MKA in Melbourne specifically, and more broadly The Royal Court Theatre abroad. As we continue to bring challenging and urgent work to Melbourne audiences, we hope to herald and lead the next generation of youthful revitalisation of the sector.

Theatre is for you and me to sit down and acknowledge that we are in the same world, and that there are f*cking serious f*cking structural issues with that world. And that somehow, given all the other technologies at our disposal, it is still important to sit down, for our psychological health to sit down and look each other in the eye and have a little think about that. Also it should be entertaining. There should be jokes in it and if you write a few songs and put them in the show then that’s f*cking great too.



CHRIS THORPE for The Royal Court Playwright's Podcast


"Patalog Theatre may be the most stylish and enterprising indie theatre company to come out of Melbourne since The Hayloft Project."



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