THE PILLOWMAN by martin mcdonagh

Arrested by police in a totalitarian state, The Pillowman follows a short-story writer as he is brutally interrogated by two fierce police officers about the gruesome content of his stories, and their remarkable similarities to a number of child-murders that are happening in his town...

"The Pillowman is a play which conflicts upon ideas of human duality, and how we manifest our own condition through the stories we tell. McDonagh confronts us with our primordial capacity for and fascination with malevolence. As humans we seem to thrive upon stories of immense violence, suffering, pain and ultimately tragedy. However, when delving into the depraved and chaotic aspects of the human psyche we walk the fine yet strongly connected line of Comedy and Tragedy. We go in some sense on a journey of self-discovery and although we may be horrified at what we find, we can laugh at ourselves, the truth of things – and the ultimate absurdity of existence."

Words from Vinnie Attanasio

Directed by Vinnie Attanasio

Produced by Ben Walter

Designed by Dann Barber

Costumes from Janne Barber

Lighting Design by Caitlyn Staples


Tom Jones as Tupolski

Mark Yeates as Ariel

Ben Walter as Katurian

Marcus Molyneux as Michal

Lexi Kelsall as Storyteller

“There is no doubt that the audience is seduced.  The situation and its unravelling is intriguing… appreciate and admire what this young company has made of it: great production, direction and performances. This is Patalog’s second production.  I look forward to the next one.” Michael Brindley, Stage Whispers 

“In times punctuated by the credibility of social media and news, an exploration of truth registered by the stories we tell is arguably even more alarming now than it was when the play received its first reading in the late 90’s… The Pillowman is a fascinating play in the very capable hands of the Patalog Theatre.” Doug Knight, The Australian Stage 

"Viewers can expect all the flint and gut punches of McDonagh’s heavy dialogue and concept, delivered as capably and as uncompromisingly as one would hope for. In their staging of Irish playwright Martin McDonagh’s ‘The Pillowman’, the Patalog Theatre pull off an impressive second entry into the Melbourne theatre scene." - Viv Mah, Theatre People

22nd - 27th of May, 2018 at The Loft Theatre, Chapel Off Chapel

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